Areas of Use

You can use Camsil Floral on glass and shiny surfaces such as interior and exterior windows, doors, windows, showcase, kitchen counter and cabinets, bathroom mirror, shower cabin, tiles, porcelain, ceramics, glass tables, glass parts of household devices such as refrigerators, ovens and microwave ovens, car mirrors and windshields.

Dinner Table

Shower Cabin



Spray use: Open the lid at the tip of nozzle and spray. Provides effective cleaning and hygiene on wider surfaces.

Foam use: Keep lid at the tip of nozzle closed while using. Closed lid ensures strong foam formation and directly affects dirty surface. Even on vertical surfaces it penetrates dirt thoroughly to ensure strong cleaning and hygiene. Turn tip of nozzle for ">" to point upwards. Hold it straight and 20-25 cm away from the area to be cleaned and spray. Hold on a moment for more effective cleaning and hygiene. Then wipe with a dry cloth without rinsing. When cleaning is completed rotate nozzle to "X" position and keep the bottle straight up.


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