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Transmitting its bright and excellent cleaning understanding successfully from one generation to another since+B2:B8 1945, Camsil is the first glass cleaner brand of Turkey.

Camsil started its activities as a part of Sultanlar Group in 1945. It is among Turkey's pioneer brands in cleaning chemicals that produced the first trademark glass cleaner in Turkey.

The first commercial film promoting its products were aired in 1979.


Continuing its product development efforts since 1945 ceaselessly, Camsil makes no compromises on its quality and is licensed by Turkish Patent Institute as "Recognized Brand".

Camsil appeared on shelves with its hand squeezed vaporizer spray package when spraying mechanism was not yet developed and reflected technological developments over the years to its products it introduced to consumers.



Nowadays with its specially developed formulas with patented raw materials and its unmatched performance in cleaning of glass-shiny surfaces, it continues its position as the Market Leader by far.


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