Using Antifreeze Washer Fluid in Winter

Car owners must be very careful about using antifreeze washer fluid in winter. Especially using antifreeze in winter where temperature drops under 0 degree is essential to prevent fluid in car from freezing. When used in winter it protects car cooling system from abrasion and rusting like a shield. With Camsil Antifreeze Washer Fluid  you can prevent water in water tank of your car from freezing up to -22 degrees C. 

The degree at which product would freeze in cold temperatures depends on its quality. 

Antifreeze Use in Turkey

Almost every car in our country uses antifreeze washer fluid. The reason for this is low temperatures in our country in winter. As noted on product label, if you would mix it with water for different reasons, you must avoid using hard water. 

Preventing Fog on Windshields

When moving from warm air to cold or from cold air to warm especially in winter months, fog forms on windshields. This might be very annoying for drivers or other passengers. If you wipe windshields of your car with Camsil Anti-Fog, you can eliminate fog problem on your car windshields and prevent fogging for a long time. 

Drivers care about their cars very much. They care about their cars as if it is their baby and meet its needs. With Camsil products you can prevent fogging on your windshields and ensure inside of your car smells good. 

If you will travel in winter you must definitely use antifreeze washer fluid. This would ensure you have an comfortable journey.